Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is KidZone?
A: KidZone is an indoor playground area designed to give children a space to run, jump, and play during any season! They must be supervised by an adult who agrees to be responsible for the safety of the children in their charge, but there are couches and many places to sit and relax while your child plays with their peers.


Q: Where is KidZone located?
A: In October 2017, we moved to our new North Kingstown location at 60 Frenchtown Road, unit # 38- between Marshall's and Planet Fitness in the Hunts River Commons Plaza.


Q: Is there a time limit?

A: You may stay to play as long as we're open to the public! You are also welcome to leave and return same-day, no extra charge.

Q: What are the rates to play? Can I get a membership for my child?
A: Play Passes are only
$11 to play on weekdays, and $12 to play on weekends, holidays, and vacations! We also offer a discount to families with multiple children - just $9 for the second child, $8 for the third sibling, etc. Adults, and non-walking infants are free when accompanying a paying child! We offer 10-Pack, 5-Pack, and 90-Day Multi-Pass Discount Cards to save you money. 10-Pack Multi-Pass DIscount Cards ($95) and 5-Pack Multi-Pass Discount Cards ($52) may be used any day of the week (holidays included!) and don't expire until you've used all the visits. They may be used for siblings/fiends- each child uses one Pass per visit.  The best deal is our 90-Day Unlimited Visits Play Pass - unlimited visits for 90 days from the date of purchase! Only $180 for a 3-month pass for families with one child, or $230 for a 3-month pass for families with up to three children.

Q: Are there age restrictions?
A: Toddlers to children age 7 are allowed to play and enjoy the fun! Children over the age of 8 do not require a Play Pass, as they are generally not permitted on the play equipment due to safety and weight restrictions. However, they may purchase and paint a Make-&-Take wood or ceramic craft ($3-$7) at a 15% discount while they are here. Non-walking infants are not charged if they are accompanied by a paying child but will be charged to attend without a paying sibling. 

Q: What time do you open?
A: We are open every day at 9:30 AM. Our hours vary by season and weather.


Q: Can we bring food with us?
A: Yes! While we do sell packaged snacks, juice boxes, water and coffee,  you may bring lunch or dinner with you to enjoy in the non-carpeted area of the main play area while you're here. Please keep in mind that
we do not permit peanut products or popcorn and we ask that you clean up after your children using the cleaning tools/products available.  To keep our toys and play area free of germs, we ask that you clean your child's hands after eating/before playing and not allowing them to bring toys to the table where they are eating.


Q: What should I bring to KidZone?
A: Children must be wearing socks, per state law. We do sell socks for $1, if needed. Adults may keep their shoes on, unless the parking lot has sand, salt, snow, or mud. Adults may also have their coffee with them in the carpeted play area, but we ask that children have their food or beverages on the tiled floor section of the front play area.


Q: What is your policy on germs and sanitation?
A: We are very strict about germ control here at KidZone, so we kindly ask that you do not bring your child if they have/had a fever or intestinal illness in the last 24 hours. We require all children (and adults) to use hand-sanitizer or wash their hands with our anti-bacterial soap before playing and after eating or using the restroom. We have facial tissues and hand-sanitizer throughout our facility, and provide a basket for items that have come into contact with your child's mouth, so we can disinfect and clean them. Please help your child learn appropriate health safety by reminding them to use toys appropriately and to use hygienic/sanitation products when needed.

We constantly sanitize toys and surfaces using a UV-C light wand and Seventh Generation disinfectant while we are open.  Between parties and play sessions we use a EPA approved spray disinfectant and use a company to perform electro-static disinfection each month.

Q: Can we just come in to play, or do I need to call ahead?
A: You are welcome to come in for playtime whenever we are open to the public - no reservation needed! However, we may reach capacity a few times each year. Most guests stay in our plaza, as we tend to call within 15, but it doesn't hurt to call ahead to see if we have a wait list active, in case we've reached capacity.


Q: Can I drop off my child?
A: We require children to be supervised by an approved adult caregiver during public play times. We often have parents meet up and take turns going to the gym next door or shopping at other stores in our plaza, while one or more caregiver watches each other's children. KidZone is not a childcare facility, and our staff does not supervise your child. However, we do offer classes and events in our back room, such as our Fiddle-N-Fun music class, that do not need a parent to participate, but are run by independent contractors. Other activities are hosted by our affiliate teachers at the Smart Start Preschool Program, who also run our Preschool Fundamentals classes and our Parent's Night Out events. See our event page for more information!


Q: Classes, special events and character visits:

A: We ask interested families to RSVP with payment in advance to ensure we have enough supplies and spaces available to host the event. In most cases Play Passes may not be used for these events, please see individual event details for pricing.  Our minimum to run an event is four children, and our maximum allows up to 24 children, depending on the type of event. If we do not meet the minimum requirement, the event may be cancelled or postponed to a later date.  

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